This alluring, atmospheric and classic sailing ship, with her beautiful lines, is a cross rigged ketch made from oak-wood. She has a length overall of 26 meters, a width of 5.35 meters, the draft is 3 meters and the Silverland weighs 80 tons, built in 1957 in Denmark by a firm called Rasmussen. The Danish wooden ships are known for their seaworthiness, good sailing qualities and strength. The ship is in excellent condition.

Experience the romance on this traditional oak-wood sailing ship. You will notice that the Silverland adds just that extra charm to your holiday to make the trip truly unforgettable. You will be charmed by her robustness and seaworthiness. Furthermore, on the Silverland you will experience how Darwin and Columbus must have felt when they discovered faraway places, although the Silverland is equipped with all the modern amenities, like internet, a warm shower and electricity.

The Silverland has a total sail surface of 240 m2, divided over seven sails. Besides sails, a very reliable Callesen 427c ship engine is aboard with a two bladed variable propeller.

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A classic sailing ship with modern conveniences

Also on board are all the required safety, communication and navigation equipment.

Aboard for you: Internet, 220volt, daily hot showers, refrigerator, washing machine, tv with movies, music, books, games and much more, you will not be bored for a moment. There is a wide array of watersport articles available. For example, snorkel material and several sup, surf and kitesurf equipment.

Available for you is a four meter long rubber boat with a 30 hp outboard, with which you can be transported to land quickly and dry.

You can see exactly when and where we are on the destination page and making a reservation is possible on the contact page.

Ga ook zeilen op de Silverland

  • A full service sailing ship with experienced crew and all of the amenities
  • Location and duration adjustable as desired
  • Private cabin during the stay, with or without breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Sailing fun combined with local experiences
  • The best value for your money

What our guests say

We had the most fantastic holiday aboard of the Silverland. It was very relaxed and we even spent some time behind the wheel. We’ll come along again for sure!
Niels and Marcella, From Amsterdam
I know skippers Marco and Marije from kitesurfing and I was sure that I’d have a great time with them. Meanwhile they know the area really well and knew where to find the perfect secret spots with flat water, but also with waves. Thanks guys! loved it!
Vincent, From Noordwijk
We knew these sailing kiteboarders were around and we could plan our stay aboard. After a few classes everyone made their first kitesurf jumps. Awesome! Thanks Marco and Marije 🙂                                            
Jop, Edwin, Ruud, From Hellevoetsluis


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